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Yoga Burn: 4 Fat Burning Yoga Phases You Should Try

Do you know that today more than 36.7 million Americans in the United States are practicing yoga? The Department on Aging enumerated four components to good physical health: aerobic capacity, balance, flexibility and strength! These are all components of yoga. According to yoga burn review, yoga way is the best option to burn unwanted pounds!

What is Yoga?

Yoga is the discipline or practice for physical, mental, and spiritual. To lose weight, yoga offers vigorous, flowing styles such as Ashtanga, Power Yoga or Vinyasa. Burn extra calories, tone your body and move those muscles, as well as weight-bearing exercise for your bones using these forms of yoga.

What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is a 12-week video yoga program series designed for women. The program is digitally accessed from your computer. You can do it at home and no need to enter a gym or register in a class. The main focus is using yoga to shed extra weight and get a flat belly. Just watch the video and follow what the instructor does.

Three unique program phases

Each phase lasts for about 4 weeks each.

  • Phase 1: Foundation

The foundation is for building strength and flexibility. Extraordinary poses are used to tighten up problem areas and boost metabolism. Get your metabolism to work even harder in the next phase.

  • Phase 2: Transitional Flow

Your foundation poses really improve body-shape and provides you the sculpting advantages of yoga. In the 2nd phase, you will do the most unique yoga poses. Its specific sequences boost your mood.

  • Phase 3: Mastery Flow

In the 3rd phase, you will use what you’ve learned to change your body more rigidly than in phases 1 and 2. You will see some incredible results feeling and looking more comfortable with your yoga abilities.


Yoga Burn Secret

  1. Basically, the whole program is structured around the principle of Dynamic Sequencing. It means that:
    • You are doing the right post at the right time, and
    • You are doing the poses in an order that gives you the desired results.
  2. Your body is challenged to get toned and become stronger. Unlike other yoga workouts, your hormone cortisol is not increased. Increased hormone cortisol promotes
  3. These unique poses are part of the reason for those great results. Within a few days, you will see the result. Moreover, this helps you get positive results of weight management without the need for dieting or cardio.
    • weight gain,
    • poor sleep,
    • cravings,
    • pain and
    • pain and
    • other negative effects.
  4. Every yoga pose builds and helps you get the results that you want. There are yoga poses in this program that you won’t find anywhere else.

The lady yoga – Zoe Bray-Cotton

This wonderful lady is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer who created this program. She wants to help people get the most out of yoga. This is an enticing reason to buy the video to discover yoga secrets unheard before. Zoe considers dynamic sequencing as secret the key to helping women get the best results from yoga.

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