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Why You Should Exercise? Health Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Why you should exercise?

Exercise is the cheapest way to stay healthy. Exercise to ensure normal blood circulation, burn calories, avoid unwanted fat, reduce stress, and to maintain a well-toned body and sound mind.

Schools offer physical education to hone students physically and mentally with sports and exercises. Aside from teaching young people how to coordinate the different parts of their bodies, games and exercises that require physical exertion also teach them mind and body coordination.

The habit of exercising, which usually begins in school, should continue up to adulthood for one to avoid developing health disorders that will require expensive medication. Unfortunately, some people forget the importance of staying fit, as they get older and busier with their careers. They only realize its importance when they start feeling the gradual deterioration of their health.

Do you remember when it was so easy to walk, run, jump, bend, and even perform calisthenics without restrictions from back, knee, or chest pains, among others? Regular exercise can bring back those days.

There is no such thing as being too old to exercise. However, some workout routines are not recommended to seniors who are past the age of 65 or 70. They have to consult a fitness advisor to find out if the program that they are getting themselves into will help improve their physique, and delay or prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Exercise and Stroke

Coronary heart disease, peripheral arterial disease, and stroke are diseases more common to elderly people. These can be avoided, though, through a managed workout plan.

Exercising daily will help flex the arteries and prevent blood clotting and plaque buildup in the blood vessels, which leads to stroke, heart disease, hypertension, and a range of other illnesses.

According to gerontologists, a group of specialists focused on the study of aging and diseases of elderly people, moderate weightlifting helps strengthen the cells of the body. Aerobics, on the other hand, improves endurance.

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Workout Plan on a Budget

Don’t have enough money to enroll in the neighborhood gym? Forget the gym then and anyone who tells you that this is the only place where you can stretch your limbs and improve your heart rate.

In reality, you can exercise wherever you please. Brisk walking and jogging in the park lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of becoming diabetic, and strengthens the joints, muscles, and bones. All of these are the same benefits that a treadmill user is getting.

By riding your bicycle every morning, you are improving your cardiovascular system, which is the same thing that you’ll get from using a stationary bike. Aside from this, biking outdoors lets you breathe fresh air and enjoy the scenery.

Doing yoga is also good for your health and can help you lose weight. Try yoga burn, a fat-burning yoga program designed for women who want to lose extra weight and achieve a flat belly.

If you are considering aerobics, you can easily download aerobic exercises on your computer or buy a DVD that’s on sale. Speaking of sale, there is always a fitness store offering barbells and other weightlifting products at discount prices. You might want to research on this because this guarantees huge savings on your part.

Changing Your Lifestyle Improves Your Health  

Once you start a workout program stick to it, or else you’ll just be wasting your time. Exercising once a week or every other week will not produce many results.

Set a schedule for your exercise routine and invite family members to make the experience more enjoyable.

Exercising is like sleeping, eating, working, and cleaning; it must be part of your lifestyle. Designing a workout program that suits your health needs will not only keep you young, but will also help your body resist unwanted health conditions.

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