What causes headaches? Here are 12 Reasons Why Your Headaches Are Common

What causes headaches- While much is still unknown about the causes of headaches, it is well known that genetics and environmental factors both play a part. Serotonin imbalances and other neurotransmitter imbalances can also cause headaches.

Doctors used to believe that headaches were caused by muscle contractions in the neck, face and scalp. Stress, tension, and other high emotions are also factors. Researchers now believe that headache sufferers do not experience significant muscle tension increases.

Many theories suggest that headaches can be caused by “mixed signals” or interference between neuronal pathways. This results in heightened pain sensitivity among those suffering from headaches. A common headache symptom is increased muscle tenderness. This could be due to overactive pain receptors.

When trying to find the cause of migraine headaches or headaches, there isn’t one factor that can be identified. Many factors can cause a headache. Here are some common causes of headaches.

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What causes headaches?

Women’s hormonal fluctuations

Women can get headaches from fluctuating estrogen levels. These headaches are common in women with a history of headaches. They can occur just before or during periods when estrogen levels drop. Some women experience headaches more frequently during pregnancy than others. Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy can make migraines worse. However, some people find these hormonal medicines to be beneficial.

The inheritance

Do your grandparents and parents have migraines or frequent headaches? If so, you may have an inherited propensity to chemical imbalances that can lead you to headaches.


Some foods can cause headaches or migraines. Common culprits include alcohol (especially red wine, beer), chocolate, aspartame and aged cheeses. Missing meals can also cause headaches. Reduce the frequency of migraines and headaches by quitting alcohol consumption.


Headaches can be caused by high stress levels at work or home. Frequent headaches can also be caused by anxiety. Yoga is a good option to help with anxiety. Yoga for Depression can help relieve stress, anxiety, and other symptoms associated with Depression.

Sleep patterns are changing.

A headache can be caused by either too little or too much sleep. Jet lag can also cause it. It is easy to get enough sleep.

Weather changes

Changes in weather or barometric pressure can cause headaches.

Sensory stimuli

Sun glare, bright light, loud noises, and strong smells can lead to a headache or migraine.


Talk to your pharmacist or doctor about medication that may aggravate migraines or headaches. Sometimes, switching medications can provide migraine relief.


Headache can be caused by straining your eyes. This is becoming more common as people spend more time looking at computers.


Many people who have Depression also experience headaches and migraines. Chat lines for Depression are a great place to get information on headaches-related mental health issues.


High blood pressure, often called the “silent killer,” is due to its lack of symptoms. However, headaches can be a sign that something is wrong. Check your blood pressure if you experience dizziness. Headaches can also be a sign of systemic lupus symptoms or autoimmune symptoms.

Physical factors

Tension headaches can be caused by poor posture, clenching your jaws, or holding an inappropriate position for long periods.

Take a bow

Headaches can be caused by any combination of the factors mentioned above. It might help you determine the cause of your headaches to find the best treatment. There are many types of headaches and different treatment options. The first step in determining the cause of headaches is to identify them. The first step to relieving headaches is to identify what causes them.

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