Use the Universal Copy App to Copy any Text You Want on any Platform

Some apps, posters, and images on a phone do not allow text to be copied from them. You may copy text from photos and apps with the Universal Copy app. With this app, you can choose and copy text from any application, overcoming any restrictions on text copying. There are no restrictions on copying YouTube comments or removing text from pictures.

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You can select and copy text from several screens or apps at once when using Scroll mode. No need to switch between screens or applications to copy distinct text. You may save time and effort by gathering all the text you require in one location with Universal Copy.

Main Advantages of the App
  • Normal mode: copy text from any application such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Chrome, WhatsApp,…
  • Scanner mode: copy text inside images (OCR technology). It currently works many languages.
  • Smart detection of entities: addresses, emails, phone numbers, @, #… are automatically detected by Universal Copy.
  • Copy-Paste in 1-tap: perform quick actions (translate, locate, share…) on the text you selected. This saves a lot of app switching.
  • Scroll mode: select texts from multiple screens or apps to copy them all.
  • Harvest mode: launch Harvest mode and capture all entities that you encounter while you navigate.
How Works it?

1. Go to the App / Picture / Document you want to copy text from
2. Launch the Universal Copy mode from your notification bar or via a shortcut. Select Normal or Scanner mode.
3. The magic happens: Universal Copy smartly detects all text areas and extracts addresses, emails, phone numbers, @, #…
4. Select the text(s) you want to copy or a quick action (translate, locate, share…), it’s done!

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