Is 75 safe? Experts Discuss the Latest Internet Health Program

Andy Frisella, a podcaster, didn’t create the show; he credits it with improved health.

While Instagram is the place to upload before-and-after photos, there’s a new program that has been popping up in captions all over. It’s called 75 Hard, encouraging followers to make dietary, fitness, and mental health changes.

This program is popular because of all the amazing before and after photos on Instagram and TikTok. What’s the deal? Is 75 Hard right for me? Here are the facts.

What exactly is 75 Hard?

Andy Frisella of Real AF created 75 Hard. “It’s gaining a lot of momentum and a lot of steam, and the reason is that it works,” he said on his podcast. After watching so many people fail to start or maintain their fitness programs, Frisella said that he created his program. He wrote his own.

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Frisella wasn’t the only one to come up with 75 Hard. He’s also had success with it. In June 2019, he shared before-and-after photos on Instagram, writing that he was grateful for the “perspective” his program gave him. After completing the program, he said he had “a large part of my life back”. ( Health reached Frisella, but he had not responded by the time this article was published.

How can you get started with 75 hard?

You must follow six main rules to the program. They are non-negotiable.

  • Stick to a diet.
  • There are no cheat meals or alcohol.
  • Each day, drink a gallon of water.
  • Make a daily progress picture.
  • Two 45-minute exercises per day should be completed. One of them must be outside regardless of the weather.
  • A self-improvement book should be read ten pages per day.

The big caveat is that if you miss a step, it will force you to start over from the beginning.

Does 75 Hard work?

Frisella stated that he guarantees that after 75 days, you will be able to look back and say, “This was the best thing I did ever.” “We are talking about how you can fix your brain so that all of the programs you want to learn and buy will take care of their own. Because you can execute consistently, we’re talking.”

Many people have shared their testimonials on social media about 75 Hard, sharing how they lost weight and helped them feel better.

What are the opinions of experts?

We received mixed reactions from nutrition and fitness professionals we spoke with. Health was told by Albert Matheny, RD and CSCS, cofounders of SoHo Strength Lab and Promix Nutrition. People are more likely to comply with a few rules.

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Health is told by Keri Gans, RD author of The Small Change Diet, that the program is “extremely difficult to do.” It is important to ask yourself if you want a program that calls itself “hard.” A healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be difficult.

Doug Sklar, a certified personal trainer and founder of PhilanthroFIT in New York City, is also wary of the program. “While mental strength challenges are certainly beneficial, it is an important distinction here because it pertains to fitness, nutrition, and coaching, there is almost no guidance in a program that requires you to do two workouts per day.”

Matheny believes that two workouts per day are not excessive. Matheny recommends that you be aware of your fitness level before exercising and adjust your training accordingly. Matheny advises against doing two HIIT classes per day if you’ve never exercised before. Matheny says that even walking for 45 minutes twice daily is great.

Sklar emphasizes that these programs are designed for beginners and that 90 minutes of exercise can be too much for people who don’t work out as often or not at all. Sklar states that even though the program is marketed as mental toughness, the accompanying photos are mostly testimonial-style ‘transformation’ photographs. This program is a fitness program. While there are benefits to mental strength training, there are safer and highly effective ways to create a sustainable lifestyle change.”

Experts agree that a healthy lifestyle, which includes abstaining from alcohol and following a strict diet, is good for most people. However, Matheny claims that the most important part of the program is that it requires that all followers go outside at least one day per week. He says that people are generally very soft in many areas of their lives, both mentally and physically. This challenges them.

Experts agree that this program is not right for everyone. It depends on your personality type and fitness level. Gans states that while this program might work for some people, others may not be as type A or enjoy having a ‘drill Sergeant’ with them. It is clear that if you follow a strict diet, avoid cheat meals and give up alcohol; you’ll likely lose weight. She says, however, that she is curious to see what happens after the 75 days.

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