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Dull Skin: 6 Ways to Brighten Your Skin

Is your skin suffering from the blahs? Does it look dull, dehydrated, or worse, scaly like a reptile? Here are some tips to bring back that fresh, youthful glow.

Skincare Tips for Dull Skin

You are what you eat, and sooner or later, subsisting on junk will take its toll on your skin.

Did you know that overindulging in sweets dulls skin and brings on the wrinkles? Eek! Try to stay away from carbonated drinks and processed food, and cut down on your salt and sugar intake. Eat more vitamin-, antioxidant-, and fiber-rich food for skin to glow from within.

Aside from your favorite vitamin-infused beauty products, you can get your daily dose of skin-brightening vitamins from drinking a glass of fresh fruit juice a day–Vitamin C-rich orange juice, antioxidant-rich apple juice, and the natural astringent quality of warm lemon juice are great for clarifying the skin.


A sedentary lifestyle can lead to sluggish circulation, and ultimately, dull skin. So no matter how busy you are (or how tempting that couch is), try to move your butt at least thrice a week to get your heart pumping and sweat out all those nasty toxins.

The trick to keeping to a regular fitness routine is to hire a personal trainer or pick an activity you enjoy, whether it’s badminton, Zumba, yoga, or a daily walk around the neighborhood. Aside from looking healthier, you’ll feel great, radiant, and energetic, too!


Have you been abusing your skin lately? Piling on the makeup, experimenting on too many products, exposing it to harsh weather elements, using formulations for a different skin type, forgetting to wash your face before you sleep? Bad girl!

Never ever go to bed without taking the daily grime and makeup off—your skin needs to breathe, or it might retaliate with a sprinkling of zits in the morning. It’s also important to use only quality products that are formulated for your skin type so you don’t irritate and disrupt the balance of your skin.

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Beauty routine

Ever wish you had wash-and-wear skin? Yeah, me too. Some of you might scoff that it’s all genetic, but it also takes a lot of TLC to maintain a healthy glow for us regular folks (hey, even some Korean and Japanese skincare routines famously even go beyond 10 steps!), so make sure you at least have the basics covered. Twice a day, use a gentle facial cleanser, balancing toner, and moisturizer to hydrate your skin (or reserve this for the evening if you’re extremely oily), plus sunscreen in the morning.
If your skin is very oily, you may also wash it in the middle of the day (or better yet, just splash it with plain water), but cleansing more than thrice in a day will definitely strip it of essential moisture.

For the body, use a moisturizing body wash for softer, supple skin (tip: rinse just enough to wash off the suds, and turn the tap off when your skin is still ever so slightly slippery—not squeaky clean. That’s the moisturizing benefit of your body wash at work). Pat (don’t scrub!) your body with a towel, and while still slightly damp, apply moisturizer or body oil to lock the moisture in. Bye-bye lizard skin!


Every once in awhile, give the skin on your face and body a gentle but thorough scrubbing. Slough off dead skin cells and dirt build-up with an exfoliant once a week (more than that may stress out and irritate your skin). When you’re feeling indulgent, pamper yourself with a professional body scrub at the spa.

For a facial without breaking the bank, raid the kitchen—mash-up apples, oatmeal and anti-bacterial honey to make a D-I-Y exfoliating mask, or rub the insides of a lemon or orange peel on skin for a few minutes (like dark elbows and knees) for an instant brightening effect.

Beauty sleep

No matter how many magic creams you apply, if you lack sleep, it will most likely show on your skin. Eyebags, dull, flaky skin and wrinkles are the by-products of sleepless nights and a toxic lifestyle. Skin needs to rest to regenerate itself, and the best hours for beauty sleep are from 11 PM to 4 AM, when cell regeneration is at its peak. So try to get eight hours of shut-eye, especially between these hours, to wake up well-rested, refreshed, and beautifully radiant.

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