Does Insurance Cover LASIK? Astigmatism?

Are you thinking about LASIK surgery to treat astigmatism? Find out how discounts, insurance programs, and tax incentives can aid you in paying for LASIK.

If you have astigmatism, LASIK eye surgery could assist you in achieving permanent vision correction. Although it has many benefits, the high cost can make people reconsider because LASIK is considered an elective procedure by most insurance companies, so obtaining insurance coverage for the process can be a problem. Fortunately, many insurance companies are now launching programs to assist patients in paying for LASIK.

How Much Is LASIK to treat Astigmatism Cost?

The Vision Center reports that you could expect to spend between $3,000 and $1,000 depending on the eye you choose to have LASIK. Your surgery cost depends on your surgeon’s expertise, the technology employed, and the particulars of your eye’s health. On average, patients from the U.S. spend approximately $4,500 for LASIK surgery for both eyes.

“Generally, generally speaking, LASIK surgery to treat astigmatism and farsightedness falls at the top of the spectrum. However, LASIK procedure to correct nearsightedness can be smaller,” licensed health insurance agent Christian Worstell tells Doctorozinews Connect to Care.

Does Insurance Cover LASIK for Astigmatism?

Insurance companies typically define LASIK as elective treatment, and they argue that contact lenses and glasses offer adequate vision correction for those who have astigmatism. Due to this, it is doubtful that your insurance provider will pay all costs of the LASIK procedure.

“Most policies, like Medicare and Medicaid do not offer insurance coverage for LASIK procedure because it’s typically viewed as to be cosmetic and not medically needed,” Worstell says. “If you’re enrolled in the Medicare Advantage Program, make sure to check whether your plan offers vision benefits which include LASIK. Certain plans offer insurance to cover LASIK procedure.”

The positive side is that many insurance policies offer discounts on the costs of LASIK. Based on the American Refractive Surgery Council, some insurance companies may offer discounts that cut 50% of the price. A surgeon who is part of your preferred provider’s network could aid in maximizing the advantages. You can also buy add-on vision insurance plans to reduce the price.

Savings accounts for health (HSA) or flexible spending accounts (FSA) could help you pay for LASIK If you prepare ahead and set aside tax-free dollars. As per the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), You can set aside up to $2,750 for one FSA or up to $3,550 for an individual HSA each year (based on the 2020 value).

If you’re considering LASIK surgery to correct astigmatism, speak to your doctor before you do. The doctor will conduct an extensive examination of the eyes and evaluate your overall health before giving you recommendations for surgery and estimating the cost. Be sure to discuss your insurance benefits and payment options with your doctor and the insurance company before undergoing LASIK surgery.

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