This App is Enough to Get the Entire Call History and Save it

There are options available to assist you manage and organise your call data if you want to have your entire call history in one location. Call History: Any Number Detail is the name of the application.

കാൾ ഹിസ്റ്ററി മുഴുവനായും ലഭിക്കാനും അത് സൂക്ഷിച്ചു വയ്ക്കാനും ഈ ആപ്പ് ഉണ്ടായാൽ മതി
You can categorise your calls with this software, which is one of its most helpful features. Through accurate categorization of all your business calls or personal calls with friends and family, this app assists you in finding the information you require.

About the App

Your call records additional to handling, an excel You can export your data from this app to a file as well. It can help you keep a log of your calls for work or personal usage or share your call history with others. You won’t ever have to worry about losing your call history thanks to the app’s backup and restore option.
This programme also has a statistics tab that provides you with information about your calling patterns. How many phone calls you place and take. Additionally, you can view the typical length of your calls. You can then make the necessary adjustments after better understanding your communication patterns.

Call history keep your call history forever and list them category wise.
Call History: Any Number Detail keep your call history forever and list them category wise for ease of access. Quick and advanced search options helps you to easily access data you are looking for.
Call History Any Number Detail allows you to export calls to excel file. This app can backup your logs and restore them.

This programme also has an excellent auto-backup feature that safeguards your call history even if the app dies or needs to be reloaded.

Please note that this app cannot recover call history that got deleted from phone before installing this app. Once installed, this app will keep logs even if it gets deleted from phone.

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