Alarmy- Wake Up and Work Up for a Good Day

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The Wake up Solution

This application is set up with activities that will wake you up completely from sleep. If you want to turn off the alarm, you have to take a previously set photo and send it, solve a math problem or do exercises like push ups.
Human responses to an alert are frequently influenced by upbringing, psychological training, or the activities of other people nearby. As a result, an alarm system may include the capability to test an alarm and organise regular drills to practise a suitable reaction.

Types of the Missions in the alarm

Photo Mission : Take a photo of the registered place to dismiss your alarm
Barcode Mission : Scan the barcode or QR code you registered to turn the alarm off.
Squat Mission : Take 20-30 rounds of squats to turn the alarm off.
Step Mission : Take 30-50 steps to alarm off.
Shake Mission : Shake your phone up to 999 times to dismiss your alarm.
Math Mission : Solve simple or advanced math problems to turn the alarm off and kickstart your brain.
Memory Mission : Clear simple or advanced memorizing game to turn the alarm off and kickstart your brain.
Typing Mission : Type motivational quotations or your own registered phrases to turn the alarm off and kick start your brain.

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