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Current and former employees can review their current or former offices on the website Glassdoor.

നല്ല ശമ്പളത്തോടുകൂടി നല്ല ഒരു കമ്പനിയിൽ ജോലി അന്വേഷിക്കുന്നവരാണോ

The workplace chats section of Glassdoor is one of its best features. Participate in anonymous conversations with staff members of different firms to learn about the businesses, jobs, and life outside of work, obtain knowledge from first-hand experience, and comprehend what it’s actually like to work there.

About the App

Finding a job you love also requires salary transparency. Knowing what others in your position are making thanks to Glassdoor gives you the assurance to bargain for the pay you deserve. People can use it to find a better business. The individual who provided the feedback may not always be aware of it. It aids job seekers in learning everything there is to know about the organization’s level and pay.
Find companies hiring now, see the latest job listings, read interview tips and get hired faster, with Glassdoor.
You can compare companies and salaries, read reviews and discover everything you need to know about your next job.

This go-to Career Companion Offers: 

WORKPLACE CONVERSATIONS : Find your professional community on Fishbowl by Glassdoor.
SALARY TRANSPARENCY : Make sure you’re getting the salary you deserve.
COMPANY REVIEWS & RATINGS : Get insights on everything from culture and compensation to leadership and work- life balance from employees who’ve lived it all firsthand.
SIMPLIFIED JOB SEARCH & EASY APPLY : Automate your search and get job alerts for new postings that could be a good fit for you. Then, apply with a few quick taps.
DIVERSITY & INCLUSION INSIGHTS : Find a workplace that lets you be you. Filter company ratings by gender, > race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and more to find the most diverse and inclusive employers.

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