Is Coffee Good for You? Here are 7 Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee has been used traditionally as an early morning energizer. However, whether such consumption was healthy or not remained a hot topic for debate until recently. Each side has its own arguments, but recent developments in scientific research suggest that drinking coffee undoubtedly produces great effects on your health.

Benefits to the Heart

Recent studies show that coffee improves your cardio health by blocking detrimental effects caused by heart burn. This is based on a Dutch study that observed more than 35,000 coffee drinkers who consumed 2-4 cups daily. They had significantly lower risk of cardio diseases as compared to non-drinkers or people who consumed other quantities.

Benefits to Memory

Coffee has also been proved to boost certain areas of the brain that are responsible for concentration and memory. However, these effects are just temporary. Effects of caffeine on long term memory are still not substantiated. This conclusion was based on an Austrian research. The study group consisted of a 100 volunteers who were given an intake of 100 mg of caffeine. Using the functional magnetic resonance imagery, it was discovered that the study group outperformed another group who only received a placebo at a designed memory activity.

Benefits to the Liver

Coffee drinking helps to bring down enzyme levels in the liver which protect this organ from heavy damage and inflation. Moreover, moderate coffee drinkers have a lower risk of liver cancer. The study recorded in the Archives of Internal Medicine also show that coffee helps to avoid cirrhosis and alcoholic cirrhosis.


The fact that coffee lowers depression levels in all drinkers is widely documented. People who consume moderate to heavy quantities of coffee have an almost 20% lesser risk of being subject to depression and related problems.

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Effectiveness against Cancer

Studies have established that coffee consumption lowers risks related to various types of cancers such as rectal cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer. Coffee helps to avoid prostate cancer in men, while the other gender can fight endometrial cancer with this beverage. The latter was documented by the Harvard School of Public Health.


Green tea was known for its anti-oxidation effects. However, recent studies have confirmed that coffee is a greater source of releasing beneficial antioxidants. Thousands of antioxidants are found in both raw and manufactured coffee. These help to fight issues like inflammation which is a source of major illnesses like arthritis. Antioxidants also keep cells from being damaged.

Benefits to Overall Health

Finally, coffee is now held to be an essential pre and post-workout drink. It helps to improve endurance, as well as keep the trainee’s body unwary of major pain. Hence, coffee helps in fitness programs as well. This in stark contrast to the popular notion of coffee being a source of dehydration.

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