To Keep Attendance Registration With All Data

Any firm should check employee attendance, but doing so can be challenging for managers and HR staff. It takes a lot of work to keep track of who arrives and goes and to make sure the payroll is accurate.

Attendance app for employees
However, the ubiAttendance app will greatly simplify this process. You have features like Attendance with a selfie, time, and location with ubiAttendance.

About the App

This app can expand your business, regardless of how big or little it is. An evaluation period of 15 days is available for everything. You latecomers, and early risers, with over 40 productivity-enhancing reports
Keep accurate records of client visits, employee overtime, and undertime, leavers, and absenteeism can be monitored using reports. prepared in a manner that is portable and used everywhere.

Key Features of the eAttendance App

1. Free Desktop App: Free Desktop App with the Mobile Attendance App. Web panel for advanced settings & reporting.
2. Fool Proof Attendance: The location along with the User ID, Time, and selfie is captured. No buddy punching.
3. Employees Salary App: Automate payroll & compliances like PF, ESI for your business. Process & disburse Salary payments with ease.
4. Works in Rural/Remote areas/Oil Rigs: Where No service is available for attendance machines.
5. Quick Start: Just register your company. Add Employees & ask them to Clock In & Clock Out. Smart Attendance App on Phone.
6. Face Attendance: Facial Recognition Attendance for workers. Track in 4 ways with User ID + Time + Selfie + Location
7. Touchless Time punch: Biometric Attendance App for “Work from Home” Employees. Sign in through QR code/ Phone no/ Email/ Face
8. Track Visits: Track field staff visits with photo, location & time remotely. Attendance tracker for managers to check Attendance from anywhere in the globe.
9. Track Visits: Track field staff visits with photo, location & time remotely.
10. QR Code Attendance: Even construction site, factory, and farm workers can easily punch Time in & Time out.
11. Flexi Shift: Perfect solution for Employees with undefined Shifts – like part-time helpers, work from home Employees, drivers, etc.
12. Team Attendance: Daily Attendance Register App. Capture group Attendance in Kiosk mode or by Supervisor
13. Geo-fence: Set up virtual boundaries for Employees. Get insight on employees outside the desired location
14. Leave & Hourly Pay: Can be extended to manage basic Leave & payroll. Integrates easily with HR, CRM & ERP software
15. Shift Scheduling: Plan & Schedule complicated Shifts effortlessly through App. Built-in Work Shift Calendar for Employees.

Why ubi Attendance
  • Varied Industries
  • Scalable
  • Highly Affordable
  • Quick Start

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