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Headache Treatment: 10 Ways to Relieve Headache Fast

A headache is a common condition that is characterized by pain in the region of the neck and head. This article will focus on several recommended natural headache cures. However, if these cures for headache fail to stop the headache, please do consult a physician.

1. Iced coffee

Drinking this beverage when you have a headache is recommended because caffeine and ice are considered to be vasoconstrictors, which means that they could aid the blood vessels in the head to shrink down and will offer immediate relief. This works for migraine headaches as well as regular headaches so if you are looking for migraine headache cures, grab an iced coffee or other cold caffeinated drink.

2. Take off headgear.

Remove any headgear that you are wearing, including a headband, hat, helmet, or sunglasses as tight accessories. When looking at what causes headaches, external compression can be the cause and are found to be common in people suffering from migraines. While this headache cure might seem simplistic, it is surprising how many headaches it takes care of.

3. Try massage and acupressure

Putting pressure on the acupressure point could help ease the pain caused by headaches. To do this, simply press the back of one’s neck with your three fingers on the side as a way of providing relief.

4. Ice pack

Putting an ice pack on the back of one’s neck is also recommended as it is known to ease the pain caused by migraines.

5.  Drink water

Because one of the symptoms of dehydration is a headache, it is suggested that you should drink water to achieve headache relief from the pain.

6. Sleep

For migraine patients, sleeping in a dark and quiet room is considered to be the best remedy as bright lights and noise can worsen a migraine episode. Good sleep hygiene is very important for migraine relief.

7. Relax

Doing some meditation, biofeedback and yoga are known to ease tension headaches and also prevent those that are caused by stress.

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8. Aromatherapy

Research indicates that peppermint oil could be a powerful therapeutic of tension headaches. Dab a little peppermint oil on your temples or the back of the neck. Another recommended remedy is eucalyptus oil, although several studies claimed that it is less effective compared to peppermint oil.

9. Buy over-the-counter drugs

Several over the counter drugs recommended for treating a headache include ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen and acetaminophen. It is also suggested that these drugs should be taken at the onset of a headache for the best results.

10. Secure a prescription from a physician

There are three classes of prescription drugs for headache: the abortive drugs, which are prescribed to stop headache; preventive drugs, which are recommended to prevent a headache from occurring; pain relievers, which are used to relieve you from pain caused by a headache. For tension headaches, pain relievers are usually prescribed by the physician. Most health plans provide this type of coverage.

With this helpful information, you now have a choice whether you will try several natural remedies for treating headaches, or you will resort to taking over the counter or prescribed drugs to relieve pain caused by a headache.

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